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Journal Articles

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Do Lee, W., Schulte, K. and Schwanen, T., 2022. An Online Interactive Dashboard to Explore Personal Exposure to Air Pollution. Findings.

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Schulte, K., Big Data & Society, 9(1), p.20539517221101346.


Hubbell, B.J., Kaufman, A., Rivers, L., Schulte, K., Hagler, G., Clougherty, J., Cascio, W. and Costa, D., 2018. Understanding social and behavioral drivers and impacts of air quality sensor use. Science of The Total Environment, 621, pp.886-894.



Other Writings


Anthroposphere - The Oxford Climate Review. 2nd Ed. August 2018

Medium. 26 June 2018.


Multimedia (see Knowledge Exchange)


An interactive, online map open to individuals across Oxfordshire to 'pin' personal experiences and anecdotes of air quality across the region. Individuals can 'Agree' or like existing anecdotes. The goal is for this platform to become a living map for highlighting areas of local interest for future air quality monitoring & management (OxAir, 2020)

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